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About Us 

 Hamilton World was discovered by me, a few years ago with the help of my friends. To be honest, it’s not actually ‘discovered’ but more of ‘created’ and ‘made’. We were a bunch of teens who love music more than anything. We do admire a lot of artists, singers, and musicians even when we were in high school. Growing up, we learned more about the music industry and eventually became more and more interested. Why? Because music makes us feel great, it can make us happy when we are down, or even make us feel relaxed and calm.  


We get touched by simple melodies and lyrics, that have meaningful messages behind it. Even though there are a lot of music types and genres all over the world, everyone who loves music can be together as a whole. That’s why when we went to college, we ended up studying more about music. It’s like we can never be apart from this thing. Now, some of my friends became producers while others became songwriters. I, on the other hand, also became a producer. 


With our knowledge of music and our skills, we decided to create something that will bring the music lover altogether. That was when the idea of holding events came to our minds and so we did, what we have been wanting to do ever since. With the help of other people, the mission of making other happy with music did come true. Our purpose for creating such shows and events is to make all of us one through music, and that is what we’ve been doing for the past years. We are more than glad to know that we are able to make it happen somehow. We also hope to continue doing this for a very long time with all of you.