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 Hi, how do I buy tickets from your website? Is there any other way or places to get these tickets from? 


Hello! To buy tickets from us, visit the ‘ticket’ section where we put all the tickets available. We’re afraid there is no other way to buy tickets, but if you want, you may personally visit us at our place and purchase these tickets personally. 


Hello, I am new to this website and I’d just like to ask where I can see the updates about various artists and musicians?  


Hi, thank you for visiting us to be updated. If you want to read articles about them, just go to the ‘news’ section and read various updates about these artists you are interested in. You can also search them up if you want to be more specific and see the most recent news about your most favorite artists and musicians. 


I’ve been wanting to be at a music festival before but I have no idea what these festivals have. Would you care to tell me what you do in these events? 


We will give a few words and information about the various artists and especially, the people we feature in our events. There are activities and different booths because it’s not just performances. We intend to make the people here interact with each other and learn more about music as well. And of course, such great performances and shows should never be left out. That is why we have different guests to play music for all of us. 


Do I need to create an account to use the forum or is it not really required? 


Accounts to use the forum are not necessary, anyone is free to post a message but we do require a name and an email address.