• Alysha Brilla

    Alysha Brilla

    Born Alysha Mohamed, Alysha Brilla is an Indo-Tanzanian-Canadian Juno-Nominated singer, songwriter, producer, yoga instructor, part-time clothing designer and social justice advocate. She’s been making music since she was a small child, playing guitar, piano and drums along with singing. She’s a music producer and according to her bio, “dabbles” in trumpet. Her sound incorporates a fusion of global styles with socially conscious lyrics that tell evocative stories about what she calls “the politics of people”.
  • Bonnie Hamilton

    Bonnie Hamilton

    Bonnie’s music reflects her diverse heritage that is part-East Indian mixed with Portuguese, Persian and African roots by way of Guyana to Canada. Bonnie Hamilton’s life has been a musical journey – from studying classical piano with the Royal Conservatory of Toronto from the age of three and singing gospel in church, to performing in jazz, ska, and world music bands (including the Alan Cross-approved “The Hippy Mafia” with Happy Mondays drummer, Gaz Whelan and her time with Son Sol’s cumbia reggae/chichi/soul/rock show.) All those influences can be found in her music as a solo artist, now based in Hamilton.
  • Bumaranga


    Bumaranga is a word used by African slaves who arrived in Colombia to describe certain musical formations. It was this name that Juan Sebastian Quiros chose for his Afro-Colombian fusion music project. Bumaranga is a group of seven musicians offering up a typically Colombian mix of percussion and flutes with a modern touch courtesy of the guitar and electric bass. The result is a fusion of sounds true to the roots and essence of Afro-Colombian music. With rhythms such as the cumbia, puya, tambora and mapalé.
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Press Release: Announcing the Hamilton World Music Festival Lineup

From Newfoundland’s traditional songs to a very contemporary take on British folk, from eclectic global fusion to contemporary southern African jazz, this year’s line-up for the Hamilton World Music Festival once again brings the music of the world to our city’s doorstep.

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World music workshop for Hamilton students

As part of our new partnership with the Hamilton Music Collective we had Zal from Senegal and Sergio Perere from Brazil visit An Instrument for Every Child class rooms this last week.
A great experience for the students who got to try out the ‘Kora’ and Charango and did a great job creating drawings inspired by the performance.

More information is available at: http://www.thespec.com/news-story/6517711-world-music-workshop-for-hamilton-students/

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Blues in #HamOnt - Harrison Kennedy at the Artbar - another option for your evening's entertainment - starts at... https://t.co/GGjCA5oqos

Blues in #HamOnt - Harrison Kennedy at the Artbar - another option for your evening's entertainment - starts at... https://t.co/yPFEnrYAuh

Dance in #HamOnt as part of Roots en Route - "One of the best show performances I have ever experienced."... https://t.co/MbWuOZ3WKd

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